So you’ve clicked on my blog and maybe even read a post, now you’re wondering who is this?

Sinmi About page

My name is Sinmi. I’ve always been fascinated by how we think and why we think the way we do and how those thoughts form our actions. Doing A’Level Psychology deepened that fascination so I’m not surprised that I love mental health. I am interested in (common) mental health problems we may experience, how we perceive our experiences, how we deal or cope with it and also how we may help others who may be struggling.

I also love reading and writing. I have thought about starting a blog a few times but the pressure and sheer laziness meant that hasn’t happened until now.

I am currently a final year medical student and I look forward to starting work, although it’s quite scary!

Please drop your comments, feedback and share!

If there’s ever something you’d love me to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me here.